My daughter received speech therapy at Nancy Foreman and Associates and our therapist, Meera Raval, was the best, especially with little ones. She was always sweet, calm, and focused although my then 1.5 year old was experiencing separation anxiety. She was nurturing and always had a big friendly smile. She let my daughter choose toys to play with so she would be comfortable, and it seemed more like a play date than a therapy session. She didn’t even realize she was learning because she was having so much fun with Meera! She would always leave happy with toys and candy in her hand asking for more “playtime”!

Speech therapy allowed me to communicate better with my daughter. It allowed us to overcome meltdowns and fits because she was better able to communicate what she wanted.

I was pleased that the staff at Nancy Foreman and Associates took it upon themselves to call my insurance to learn about my benefits. They were upfront and let me know exactly what my insurance covered and what it didn’t cover before starting therapy!

Lastly, the waiting area is awesome. It is filled with toys to play with for the little ones!

Everyone involved is exceptionally helpful, patient, and professional. All questions are welcomed and thoughtfully answered; all appointments have been positive; and everyone is / continues to be accommodating when schedules become difficult.

Our child, who sees Ms. Chrissy, is more comfortable socializing and trying to express himself; he is using more and recently acquired skills to participate in social activities and school-related ones (reading, writing, etc.).

Thanks for your continued hard work.

My daughter sees Ms. Liz and Ms. Meera. One of the most positive experiences about the clinic is that everyone is so friendly whether they are working with my child or not. My daughter is really shy and doesn’t go with most people including her teachers at school, but here at speech, she looks forward to going into her session without me.

Speech therapy has impacted my family and child tremendously. My daughter wasn’t speaking clearly for us to understand her. Now it’s easy to have good conversations and understand her wants and needs. She is able to share about her day at school. It’s built her self-confidence up.

My child has developed so much language and the ability to command the language to get what he wants and communicate what he needs. My child has bonded well with Ms. Meera and developed the independence needed to have sessions one-on-one with Ms. Meera. She is accommodative to scheduling and other unique circumstances.

My child’s frustration has decreased as a function of increased language. His enunciation has improved, making him more understandable to more people. It is a great feeling to hear my child articulate his thoughts. After years of silence and guessing at what he might be thinking about, it is amaing to hear it directly from him.

Keep up the good work!

Since I began my voice therapy (with Liz), I feel my therapist was so encouraging. It was difficult to accept the changes in my speech. She explained very well how each drill should be done and why. She made a recording on my cell phone to make sounds correct.

My adult children help me by pointing ways to correct speech sound, slowing down by repeating mistakes so I will show progress.

My boys are very comfortable with Ms. Janine and look forward to their weekly sessions. The flexibility of Saturday sessions really helps with my very busy work schedule / balancing out being a single mother.

Speech therapy has really helped to improve my boys’ intelligibility. This brings reassurance to our family that some day they will meet all their speech goals and grow up as normal / healthy children.

Ms. Janine is great. I am thankful for her flexibility and commitment to my boys’ progress. She is transparent on any issues and helps brainstorm ways to reach their goals.

This is a very clean and professional establishment. The therapists are always willing to help me out with time when I may be running late. Everyone is super friendly every time I come.

Speech therapy has impacted us greatly – we are able to understand our son much more compared to this time last year. He’s less irritable because we can all (for the most part) understand him.

This is a great practice! Thanks for all you all do!

Ms. Meera is just the best. She is so kind and patient, and I love that she genuinely cares about my child. My son really enjoys his time with her every week as she makes his time here fun and meaningful.

My son has already started putting words together – he is able to communicate more effectively; therefore, he is getting less frustrated and angry. His friends at school can understand him better.

Liz has been my clinician since I had brain surgery. I am making progress, but I tend to be impatient. My clinician encourages me and keeps me focused. I am enjoying this part of my recovery. My family is pleased beause I am pleased.

My daughter looks forward to her visits because Mrs. Aussenberg always puts her at ease, and her sessions are filled with fun activities that are specifically designed to increase her communication skills. Her therapist is always very friendly, compassionate, involved, and eminently skilled. We have never been disappointed with our therapy sessions.

My daughter is able to express her needs and wants more readily due to her speech therapy. She is able to repeat simple words and two word statements, and I strongly believe that she would not be able to do that without the intensive, patient, and caring therapy that she has received from Mrs. Aussenberg.

I truly want to thank Mrs. Aussenberg, Ms. Foreman, and the staff for all the love and care they have shown to my child all these years.

Our son has had a wonderful experience with Liz Aussenberg. At the end of each speech session, we go through what our son has been working on and how well he did. He also gets “homework” which we enjoy being involved in our son’s therapy. Speech therapy has dramatically impacted our family. Before speech, our son was quite physical and frustrated because he had difficulty expressing himself. I would highly recommend Nancy Foreman and Associates.

From the moment I stepped into the Houston Speech office I felt welcomed and at ease. The staff is very friendly and professional and make the experience inviting for the children. My daughter was very taken with her Speech Therapist, Meera, because she played with her rather than taught her. Meera makes it seem like play time instead of some boring lesson. I really appreciate that as a mother because my daughter gets bored easily and doesn’t respond well to the typical teaching methods. Meera sought out her style from the beginning and found the one that helped her learn. Her speech improves every week and I wouldn’t trade Meera or the rest on the team for the world. It is worth the hour drive!

I have known Nancy Foreman in a professional capacity for more than 15 years. I am a mother, a grandmother, a professional CPA, a business owner, and a financial systems director in a law firm.

My son was diagnosed with articulation disorder. All I knew is that our doctor and his day school teacher said he wasn’t talking like he should be at 3 years old. The doctor said I should start speech therapy and have his hearing tested immediately. My son had extensive speech therapy privately and in school until he was 13 years old.

There are many reasons I would recommend Ms. Foreman to anyone having a child with a speech disorder but my main reasons are important:

Nancy is your child’s advocate, first and foremost. But she is also your advocate. She dedicates herself to the child, yet she remains very relaxed and laid back with the child. She’s confident in her style of teaching and she makes the child feel comfortable and safe.
She is a tactile teacher; meaning she uses play therapy as much as any other language therapy. For my child, this was the best learning environment and he always felt successful when he finished his session.
Again, she is the parent’s advocate. When we determined Brendan needed therapy 3 – 5 times a week, Nancy assembled a plan and schedule where she could go into his school and work with him there.
She assembled all the insurance information so our medical insurance plan would cover 90% of the therapy. This was during a time that medical insurance did NOT recognize speech therapy as a medical disorder.
I had many opportunities to observe Nancy’s skills as a speech and language therapist. I’ve sat in the waiting room hours upon hours and I’ve seen her dedication to her profession. She cares deeply about her students and their parents. She makes great strides during therapy sessions and the parents are always appreciative of the special way she interacts with their children.

She goes beyond the call of duty to help her patients.

The following are some positive experiences we have had at Nancy L. Foreman & Associates:

Staff is friendly.
Homework suggestions.
Sessions are on time.
Meera, our therapist, always follows up on conversations and schedules, and keeps up on task.
Meera is very understanding and accommodating to our needs and schedules.
Meera has made an effort to gain our child’s trust, which we think is a key factor on her amazing improvement.
Finally, we are having long and meaningful conversations and interactions with our daughter that we didn’t have before. She expresses her opinions and needs without problem, and although we still have more work to do, our daughter has gained confidence and wants to practice and apply to her everyday life what she has learned during her sessions.

My daughter has been seeing Meera at Nancy L. Foreman and Associates. Thanks to her, my daughter’s language skills are the same as her peers. My daughter was unable to communicate her needs to the family. Now she is able to tell us what she wants. We are so happy to have found Meera.

My daughter has worked with three different therapists at Nancy L. Foreman and Associates. Each therapist has been extremely caring and professional. Nancy and her group are very open to communication and are flexible. In today’s busy world, therapy is one more thing added to the schedule. My daughter loves coming to therapy as it’s presented to her in a fun way. She loves practicing at home because she gets to read to me aloud. I just wish that insurance companies were more open to cover all the necessary therapy. Nancy Foreman has worked hard to earn and keep our business.

My son has been seeing Liz since he was about 3 years old. Having her a part of his speech program has been life changing. She sets clear goals and always offered “at home” tools to speed along progress. Now we can’t get him to stop talking! When John was having trouble stuttering a couple years later we came right back to Liz. Afterwards family members who hadn’t seen him in awhile said they noticed obvious improvement. It has been such a blessing. The non-clinical environment and one-on-one time have helped my son immensely. We are very proud of his progress. We would recommend Liz to any family looking for a specialized one-on-one program for speech therapy.

Meera offers easy scheduling, good feedback after each session, and we like the at-home exercises. My kids love coming to speech lessons. The staff is warm and nurturing. Now we try to be more aware of the children’s articulation at home. We try to practice a few times a week.

The clinic is always warm and inviting when we arrive, and our clinician always welcomes my daughter into her office with a smile. She enjoys playing games on the Ipad or with toys that further her goals of speaking. The therapy that my daughter receives has enabled her to communicate some of her wants to our family, and makes us feel that we can understand her better, and hopefully she feels that we understand her. It helps us feel closer to her, and we hope that she continues to make progress. My daughter enjoys coming to this clinic and I wouldn’t want her to go anywhere else for her speech therapy.

Our therapist, Ms. Liz Aussenberg is patient, positive, and extremely effective. She has incredible teaching skills and knowledge of speech and language. She is not only willing to work with my child, but able to instruct me as a parent on the best ways to work with my child at home. She uses fun, age-appropriate activities to engage my son in learning and participating during the session. As a result, he is always happy to go to her sessions and tell her stories.

Our five-year-old son has been receiving speech therapy for the last 2 years and has made amazing progress. At the age of three, my son was not able to even say “mama.” Now he is able to communicate with his teachers and friends successfully, comfortably, and with confidence. Even though he still needs more therapy, we are confident that our son will be able to communicate effectively with Ms. Asussenberg’s help. It has been a relief for us not to worry about him. We are happy with the services we have received at Nancy Foreman and Associates, and have recommended to our friends.

Our long-term experience with Nancy Foreman and Associates has been outstanding.

Her ability to use decades of expertise to customize the treatment program from initial evaluation, as the child progresses from early speech stages, through the formative school years and into adulthood.
She encourages collaboration with student’s teachers and schools to maintain techniques and strategies.
Child looks forward to sessions as they are low stress with a pleasant engaging office environment and friendly staff.
The central location inside 610 Loop (Bellaire) with free parking is convenient.
Appointments are handled on-time as scheduled.
(Comments from a very grateful parent whose daughter has seen Nancy Foreman for over 14 years.)

I love the way Ms. Meera and the clinic interact with my son and make him feel comfortable and happy. I see large improvements in my son. My child speaks more clearly, making communicating with others easier for everyone.

I suffered a left parietal lobe stroke. This type of stroke does not affect the motor function of the body so, for example, I was not paralyzed at all. It had no effect on any of my senses so I could see very well, hear, smell, etc. It did not really affect my speech except I had difficulties (and still do, to an extent) articulating words and phrases.

However, it “wiped away” all my math; I had no idea of what numbers meant; I could not add 2 and 2 and come up with 4; my sense of orientation (right/left) was gone; my ability to spell; writing; concepts such as analogies, colors and shapes. The computer keyboard was a mystery for me – and I was a very fast typist, not needing to look at the screen while typing a document. In other words, many of the specialized functions of the brain needed for me to practice medicine, my profession for 42 years!!

One week after my hospital stay, my neurologist had me in Liz’s office. Although I did not express it at the start, I was appalled at the extent of my “damage” or “losses.,” I started with sessions three times a week; now I go once weekly.

The road has been hard for me but thanks to Liz, my progress has been steady. As I look back at some of my earlier assigned work (“homework”), I realize the work Liz has done with me. She has been very patient with me, but firm. Let me explain. Early in my recovery (probably within that first month) there was one weekend where I was “down in the dumps,” feeling sorry for myself (my wife had to bear the brunt of that)! The following Monday, she “read me the riot act” and explained why that would not help my situation. She told me of another physician who had had a stroke similar to mine and could not come to grips with his new reality. Well, that did it; I straightened out and from then on; I kept working on my assignments.

I am where I am now because of her and would, without hesitation, recommend her to any physician who who might be faced with the same type of stroke I had. Incidentally, she also helped me in my decision to retire from practice, an extremely difficult choice for me but one I really had to face.

We like getting activities and word lists we can work on at home. The five minute meeting at the end of the session helps us know how we can work with our child and how he is progressing. He enjoys the activities during the sessions as well. Speech therapy has helped my child to communicate more clearly and effectively. He has much less frustration now in conveying his thoughts and feelings.

Meera has been great to work with. She has come up with different challenges for Don regularly. We are very pleased and thankful for her help. Friends and family have been amazed in Don’s progress. He doesn’t seem to realize how much progress he has made this past year. We are very pleased and grateful for the friendly attitude of the people working with Don.