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We do free consults for accent reduction.


Aphasia Awareness Month

By: Meera Raval MA, CCC-SLP
(c/o National Aphasia Association)


The month of June celebrates Aphasia Awareness. About 750,000 strokes occur in the United States every year. Approximately one third of these strokes result in aphasia. Aphasia refers to difficulty with communication after a brain injury or stroke. Some of the signs that indicate deficits in this area include problems with word finding, reading, writing, and comprehension. If you notice that you, your loved one, or anyone else you know are experiencing these symptoms after a brain injury or stroke, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist. Nancy L. Foreman & Associates are offering a free consult for the months of June and July.



The Special Ed/Section 504 Radio Hour


Click on above link (Air Date 06/25/2016) to listen to Louis Geigerman's interview with Nancy Foreman and other Speech Pathologists.



Nancy L. Foreman and Associates are in the top 16 (click on above image).


Nancy L Foreman & Associates, LLC - www.houstonspeech.com - Back to School - Free Speech and Language Screening - Schedule your appointment - Contact us at 713-669-8635, 4545 Bissonnet, Suite 250, Bellaire, TX 77401


Nancy L. Foreman and Associates offer a free, consultative follow-up visit to all discharged patients after a six-month period to ensure maintenance of previously mastered speech / language goals and objectives.

Nancy Foreman & Associates
has provided high quality, professional speech and language therapy at competitive prices for over 20 years in the Houston, Texas area, specifically Bellaire.

  • We have a variety of Speech Language Pathologists with years of combined experience and knowledge in a wide variety of communication disorders.
  • Our professional staff has experience in evaluation and treatment of the pediatric and adult populations.
  • Speech and language therapy includes the treatment of articulation delays / disorders, language delays / disorders, fluency (stuttering), and voice disorders.
  • Inability to communicate effectively in social settings
  • Slow or stagnant speech development
  • Sudden decrease of expressive speech skills
  • Limited vocabulary when compared to others in same age group
  • Speech that is not understood by family members and/or strangers
  • Lacks interest in communicating and/or gets frustrated when attempting to communicate
  • Stuttering that fosters a sense of embarrassment and/or difficulty with peers
  • Difficulty with sucking, chewing, and/or swallowing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Consistently hoarse voice
  • Not speaking clearly by age 3